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Antiq official website. From here you can order our productions or check our distribution, and have the last Antiq news. Have a good journey here.

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31 - VIII - 2014

GRYLLE - "Monstres et Merveilles" is out now in a beautiful gold handpainted cassette for only 5€ !

THEORIA - "Mantra" album is now avalaible on CD, 1000 copies. Rediscover this amazing atmospheric black metal from Syria for only 7€.

The first official ORDO BLASPHEMUS tshirt was produced by Antiq for the upcoming release "Orgasme Ossuaire".12€

We also created a tshirt of ANTIQ label. 12€

We also received the new cassette of HANTERNOZ - "Mallozh d'Ar Zistrujerien Kastell Ankiniz" released by Werewolf Production. Available for 5€.

17 - V - 2014 

Here are some news! 

GRYLLE is now finished and should be out very soon. One more title will be featured on Youtube through the labels channel. It will be available as regular tape with a nice cover but also as a tape and the same cover painted in gold! hand made!

BRAQUEMAARD is putting a final touch to the album "Pendu, traîné par une claie jusqu'à la potence, et mis en quart".

There has been and will be again soon a consequent update of the distribution, featuring also lots of new tape items ! (Kroda, Dark Ages, Faethon, thrash stuff!)

21 - VIII - 2013


New distro arrival !

Ê - Khérubim is now at 8€ !  (10€)

01 - VII - 2013



YELE SOLMA "BOKOR" is now available on CD, with new mastering and new artwork.

Amazing african ritual dark ambient for only 7€, cristal case, 4 pages booklet!

Antiq is very proud to produce the first TS of the basque folk metal band ILBELTZ.

Artwork done by Hyvermor from Hanternoz, high quality priniting on both sides front and back, available on S, M, L and XL for 15€. Only 50 shirts available.


29 - IV - 2013

New distro arrival ! + than 400 references!

THEORIA releases new album Mantra on Antiq!

Syrian masters of THEORIA have released their debut album! 
listen to it on the official  facebook page

Extraordinary ambient / atmospheric black metal from Syria, the 40 minutes  tape comes with a beautiful artwork and a deluxe cassette box wrap.


26 - IX - 2012

DISTRO is updates, loads of new items, mainly tapes and CDs, and some patches as well. Working on the new Antiq releases but most of them are still on recording stage. New distro update soon with A BIG ARRIVAL of excellent funeral / dark / ambient !!!!!  Keep tuned by suscribing : for this, send a mail to


18 - VIII - 2012

NORMAN SHORES cd Return to the Norman Shores is now out. Available for 6€. Possess over 55 minutes of ultra cold and overfast tunes! Some think of old Taake, others of 90s BM scene. All i hear is the voice of the Norman Ancestors of mastermind FOG playing alone this piece of his soul. Atmospheres, melodies, all here cries out for the glorious past of the forefathers.


26 - VI - 2012 

We are back from Hellfest and it was a good time around meeting people and fans.
Cathédrale de Glace cassette Insuffler le Froid is now sold out, and the split of Ilbeltz / Hanternoz / Anceisural Eritance is about to be out as well.
Norman Shores is about to be issued in the next days, so be patient!

28 - III - 2012

Antiq signs with black metal band SETH from France for the release of the very first patch by this cult horde!!!7 x 13 cm logo patch is available in RED, SILVER, and WHITE color professionally embroided, edges are embroided tooFor onyl 4 €, wear the sign of this anti human occult band! (to get shirts and other merch go to Seth's facebook page)



17 - I - 2012

Antiq is proud to produce his first split album with ILBELTZ / HANTERNOZ / ANCEISURAL ERITANCE : D'Anjou en Vasconie, la très grande Chasse d'Hellequin.
Incredible pagan metal from French Britanny, to Vasconia, through Anjou ! Enjoy it for only 8€
(see productions section).



02 - XI - 2011

KHERUBÎM album is finally avalaible in Productions section for 10€.

One hour of Oriental Doom / Death inspired by assyrian history and mythology.

02-E_Dog Bite Incantation.mp3


29 - 05 - 2011 

HIEROPHANTE debut album "Monument" out now! Three tracks, 45 minutes of drone doom journey through spiritual struggle. Order your tape now for 4€


15 - 05 - 2011

YELE SOLMA : Bokor  available on 100 handnumbered tapes ! Voodoo Ritual Dark Ambient from Burkina Faso

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